Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who is Clara?

So there is a HUGE mystery in my family. Who is Clara Hollander or Clara Tarieff?

Today, my grandparents and I took a road trip to meet my grandpa's mother's brother, great Uncle George. He was quite the adorable old man. He was also very emotional which made him a bit cuter. We didn't get much information about who my grandfather's mother is. He spent a big bunch of creating his family tree. And yet he could find very little about Clara, his sister. Apparently his family had kept it quiet on Clara's whereabouts as well. The only information both our families know is that she was put into a metal institution, she was married to my grandfather's father, and that both families covered up her existance.

It took us two hours to get there. And we were greeted as though we were long lost brother. George and his wife Dotty were so cute. It was a good thing that we have this opportunity to see him because he health didn't match his spirit. His poor hear has been giving him some difficult but it hasn't stopped him from completing his family tree. George showed us all the work that he has done over the years and it is quite extensive. He had copies of my grandpa's parents marriage certificate and old family photos. My grandma and I could see the family resemblance between Great-Uncle George and my grandpa. Also we could see the family resemblance between my dad and my grandpa's grandpa (so my great-great-grandpa).

It was quite interesting to hear the history of the two families and how Clara must have stirred up quite the family controversy because everyone who knew about her and her whereabouts kept it a secret to their graves. Either there must have been bad blood between families, or she might have ran away. It is not clear what could have happened. Now I am really curious to find out what had happened. The most likely story is that she was mental unstable and no one wanted that to get out.

The more I learn about this mystery the more I learn about extensive my family history is. There is quite a bit of drama in my family that still remains and has just been passed on to other generations just not the way they planned. Kinda how now there are 3 generations of hollanders plus 1 immediate family member are on a mission to find out who Clara is.

My head is still spinning in circles over this matter. I will finish this post in a few. I need to take a shower and just think for a few.

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