Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boys Suck

Well I can scratch the boy from high school from my list of boys. Turns out he doesn't want to get to know me. He only wants me for my body. Ugh. He is pestering me for a picture of my body. So i posted a picture on my facebook of what I looked like before I turned into a tomato. Apparently that wasn't good enough. He wanted a picture just for him and that the one I posted was only a tease. I don't feel comfortable sending him any other type of photo.
  • A) I am not that kind of girl.
  • B) I barely know him. (even though we went to grade school together)
  • C) He only wants me for my body.
This boy won't stop pestering me for a picture!! I told me that I didn't feel comfortable sending him one. His response was "you don't trust me?" Um.... Well duh. I don't trust you. You went straight from small talk to asking me for a photo. He obviously has no interest in knowing me for me. He just wants my body. I am not going to apologize for respecting myself by not sending him a photo.
Had he asked me while we were in high school, I probably would have said yes. Since I was always focused on figure skating, I had a lot of low self-confidence. I felt that i would need to send that type of photos to boys in order for them to like me and want me. Ever since I have met such a sweet nice boy, I have realized that I don't need to send those types of photos for boys to like me. A sweet boy is empowering. :) I think im gunna wait for the sexy sweet boy working at Disney. Even though we are going to apart for while, that doesn't mean when he returns things can't work out. Anything can happen. I just have to not think about boys for a while lol.

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