Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Return To Philadelphia

Both my flights were early which I wasn't too happy about. When I landed in Orlando, I sprinted to the nearest shop where I could get a mickey and Florida shot glass. (I have to get two because I always end up breaking one. Every time.) Just made it to board the flight going to Philadelphia. I had quite pleasant conversations with the two women I was sitting next to and played games while listening to music on my phone.

When I arrived in Philadelphia, I had a few missed calls from friends. As I was walking through the airport to baggage claim, I was already making plans for the night. Probably shouldn't have, but I was too eager to be around people my own age. I took a cab to my car and called Steph. She was the first friend I was going to have an adventure with.

Steph and I decided we should go get dinner together outside the city. We both agreed Princeton would be a good town to have dinner in. And Boy was it a good choice. We ended up going to the Mediterranean restaurant. We realized when we got there that a bit younger than the crowd that filled the restaurant. That didn't stop us from having a pleasant evening....

I noticed that there was a really cute waiter (that unfortunately wasn't ours.) He wasn't steph's type but definitely mine. ;) He was quite adorable. (How I know he wasn't Steph's type was because she told me. She has a particular type.) We devised a plan on how to talk to him. I'm not gunna reveal all of my secrets now. ;) I will say we got game. We made that handsome man's night. He was smiling and telling all the other waiters about how he got my number. It was quite cute.

Steph and I dashed to frozen yogurt shop ten minutes before it closed before we headed back to Philadelphia. I dropped her off and then hung out my apt of my 3 best friends. And then made it back to my apt and to bed a little after 2AM.

Well, I am off to auditions for Noises Off.