Monday, June 27, 2011


In-between commencement and building my career, my life has been pretty hectic.  

Commencement was short and hectic. No one told us (the students) anything. So it was a controlled chaos where they had us all wait and get name cards. Of course, I managed to slip through the cracks and they forgot about me. Which is fine, I didn't take it personally. Although there weren't many pictures taken which is unfortunate. 

On the bright side, the director of my major (pictured above) and dean of my college met my entire family. Which I thought was AWESOME!!!!! I got to talk about my senior thesis which is now becoming a company and about the entertainment industry. The dean said that he would love to record me  talk about my major and about dance. This was especially flattering because my family got to hear it first hand. 

I haven't listened to this song since the 5th grade. My friends tried to play this song for me earlier this year, and i couldn't handle it. I needed to listen to this song on my own. This songs brings back so many memories. Graduating from college is a big thing but like since I now know what I am doing it hasn't hit me until now. 
This entry is extremely emotional to me. Because this my opportunity to reflex the past four years. Since you can't see as tears fill my eyes with every letter I type, I am going to take you on a journey to how amazingly difficult my college experience was and how I would not change a single moment of it as I look back.