Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

Well since I giving Disney space and dealing with my family affair, boys have been flocking to me. Okay so its only 3 boys but still thats alot!!

First it started with Nashville. He was the man I was flirting with over the summer. I ran into him 3 times and thought it was fate. I didn't know anyone in Nashville, and then I run into this gorgeous man by chance. Since I am a huge believer of fate, I fell for him, hard. We talked all summer and then at the end we went on a date. Then we still talked a bit. I saw him again after my grandma's funeral. He met my grandparents and parents. I am surprised he called me today.

The second boy that reached out to me was a kid from high school. He messaged me out of blue. And he wanted hang out with me. I was like sure, why not? Then he asked me what I would like to do go out or have a few drinks, cuddle and watch a movie. Also there was a couch I could crash on. After some small talk, he revealed that he has has a crush on me for the longest time. and like how did I feel about that. And well.. I don't like being put on the spot. So I was like well we will see what happens. ;) he was like gunna play that card? Well if I give a definite answer and we hang out.....well then its gunna be expectations and well i don't like seeing expectations I can't meet. He asked me again what I wanted to do. I love to cuddle so... I opted to stay in and watch a movie. I don't how I feel about the situation. He never really talked to me when we ere in grades school together. So I don't understand why he didn't talk to me ever. And why now? Just seems kind of odd.

The third man that reached out to me, was a guy I started to talking from okcupid. Although it was small talk, there were some intense flirting. :) I don't have as much to write about this one cause I don't have any history with him yet.

Not sure what I am going to do. I really like Disney but I need to give him his space. He is having an awesome time and going through that transition phase from classes to starting co-op. Soon hopefully he talks to me. I feel that I reached out to him enough for him to realize that I like him and that I don't want to move on but I want to give him his space. Also I want him to reach out to me because I can't talk to him. When I like a boy my game goes way down. I get nervous and clingy and don't know what to say also I talk too much sometimes., If he watches the movies I burned for him. (Best gift i ever gave a boy.) I'll have something to talk about. I guess, if we both agree there wont be a future for the two of us, then I will pursue these other boys. But I don't want to be left waiting like I am in a doctor's office with no end in site.

I guess I will just play it by ear and hope for the best. I will keep my head focused on my senior project and getting better grades.

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