Monday, March 28, 2011


So My best friend and I are planning a trip to travel across the country.

And well, I just told the boy who I have had my longest relationship with.We had a friends with benefits relationship from sophomore year of high school to sophomore/junior year of college. We have hooked-up at his works, in cars, his house, my apt in Colorado, and my apt in philly. Our hook-ups were so sexy and steamy. He is the only one who can turn me on like a switch. Disney is the only boy who could even compare to how steamy our hooks were.

Well anyways, I told about our trip and shit he knows me too well. He told me what could potentially happen if I were to visit him while he was in Colorado. The temptation is so great to just jump his bones. But I am on a new path to prove to myself that i can be faithful.

Even if nothing works out between Disney, at least I will know in my heart that I can stay committed to one boy for a long period time. He can have all the fun he wants with as many girls as he wants. He is so sexy girls flock to his dreaminess. I just want know I can like one boy for longer than 3 months which is the length of time of my longest relationship.

Anyways back to Colorado. He is the only boy I feel comfortable with to talk about other boys with and talk to sexy with. Too bad majority of the time he is flirting with me he has a girlfriend. The things I could do with that boy. Omg you could only imagine. And apparently as I fantasize about him, he has been dreaming of hooking -up with me. This boy knows me know me to well ugh. He shares his feelings and is infatuated with me.