Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Dear Friend

Since I am about to graduate Drexel Univeristy, I have been reminiscing quite about. Particularly about what prior work experiences. One thing that hasn't changed is that my mind is constantly racing. And one can only do so many things at one.

One thing let to another and well I am back and this is an entry about I got to where I am sitting right now.

Currently, I am in Naples, Florida staying at my grandparents condo. It was an unexpected surprise having the opportunity to be down here. And actually quite a challenging travel experience.

I realized I lost my wallet about an hour before I had to leave for the airport. I was about to grab my wallet to leave to buy a parking spot for car on campus. And well my bright pink leopard wallet was no where to be found. I parked my car close to campus where there was free parking and campus security. The septa cashier gave me a free train ticket when I told him how much I was struggling.(I also lost my cell phone a few days prior.) I passed through airport security with an expired license and copy of my current one that made to send the cell phone insurance company.(You will hear about how I feel about them later.) ince there wasn't a store in the airport that would take my personal checks. (I found this out by walking across the airport and back. ) I slept awkwardly in front of cute stranger.

Southwest airlines is great because you can sit near the front and meet great people unexpectedly. I met this fabulous married couple. I sat next to the wife and we literally talked the whole duration of the plane ride. It was great. I wish I gave her my business card so we could have more great conversations. :/

My grandma was adorably waiting for me at the exit. I sensibly over packed and such a comfort to see my grandmas warm smiling face. She then told me as I am hanging by a thread with heavy luggage all over my upper body. She told me anxiously that we needed to hurry to see "The man with the Golden Flute." She was a little disappointed when I told her in addition to my two large carry-ons I had also another one waiting for me at baggage claim. Luckily it didn't take long to retrieve my bag and greet my grandpa driving the car.

The Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Florida is one of the most amazing theatres I have ever been to. There are art pieces dispersed everywhere through out the lobby and the patron area. Part of the lobby was an actual museum! It was a perfect symbiosis of the arts.
I need to go there again. It was unfortunate I was too tired to appreciate the opportunity my grandparents were giving me.

Finally got some sleep though in the end.

Today was spent in two ways. On the phone and around food (a typical Jewish way) I'm still can't believe what I encountered today and need to go get some sleep and try to get on a normal sleeping schedule.

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