Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So today has been an interesting travel experience. It all started yesterday when my bag broke. The fabric was disassembling from the handles. And with the way that I pack, no bueno. The bag would have broken before I even got to security,
So last night before it started down pouring, my grandma and I went to TJ Maxx. We were both shocked at some of the expensive price tags of the bags we both liked.
I eventually ended up getting a gorgeous pastel butterfly bag by lucky and a wallet. (so I wouldn't loose my ID, credit card, student ID and everything else found in a wallet it again.)

After we bought the two items, we then realized it was down pouring. So I ran out in the rain and got the car to picked my grandma up at the store entrance. As I was driving back to where we were staying, the VSC light and the check engine light went on. Well this wasn't good. My grandma (who already was an infamous backseat driver) was not making the situation any better. We got home safely so that's all that matters.

This morning my grandma woke me up super early cause we weren't sure if the car would make it to the airport. Mornings are not my finest hour, actually they would be my worst hour. Unfortunately for my parents, they have learned this the hard way. Growing up, I used to competitively figure skate and would wake up at 5AM to go to practice. My dad would normally be the one to take me in the mornings and over the years learned to avoid me until after I have eaten. My mom on the other hand, learned how grumpy I get in the morning much later.

Now back to the story of this morning, my grandma woke me up this morning extra early so we could figure out what to do about the car situation and apparently we were going shopping too. These facts didn't quite click at first and I was wondering why my grandma had woken me up so early. We ended up going to enterprise and renting a car for a day. And as we were going to enterprise all the VSC and check engine lights turned off. Probably cause it was my grandpa who was driving. (The car likes the owner better than me lol)

After we left enterprise with the dodge we rented, we went to the outlet malls. An unexpected surprise. We went to different stores, I wanted to go to Guess so that was the last store that we stopped at. My grandma had to get something so she met me at guess. I found this romper that I liked. Since my grandma didn't like, I was gunn a purchase it for myself. While we were in the check out line, my grandma insinuated that what I was getting looked like something that a prostitute would wear. That didn't sit well with me. Also the fact that my credit card refused to work. As a result I didn't get the romper. Although I did get a cute bikini and pair of sandals. So I can't really complain.

As we left the outlet mall, my grandma and I apologized to each other. She felt bad for calling my sense a style something a Las Vagas hooker would wear. And I apologized for being ungrateful. As we finished apologizing to each other we arrived at the airport. Checked in two bags without a line. We said our goodbyes and now I am at the terminal about to leave Fort Myers for Orlando.