Monday, June 11, 2012

Google Plus+ page

I created a google plus page for ArtSource on May 29th as a way to promote the mission of arts source which is to connect artists with each other to expand their art careers.

There are two things that I am extremely passionate about and they are the arts and social media. ArtSource is in the beginning stages of becoming a utopia where artists use social media to grow as an artist and connect with artists around the world and produce amazing collaborations. Users build their professional artist portfolio while having the opportunity to explore new to mediums/styles.

Creating ArtSource is passion of mine because I believe social media is about breaking boundaries and connecting with people, you would have never had the opportunity to before. The arts as a whole are struggling as a whole. So many people want to be artists but don't have ways to break into their industry. ArtSources is a way to keep the artist ambition alive and for the corporate side of arts industry as a whole to embrace change and adapt to new ways to find artists for their companies.

This is my first step to begin to build an audience of artists and showcase different talents and find ways for them to collaborate.

Getting the ball rolling

Thank you +Jeffrey Laverty +Hanya Shatara +Jonathan Langdale for wanting to be a part of building a social network for artists to collaborate to build their portfolios which will (in the way distant future) be seen by corporations. I am extremely excited to work with you!!!!!

To get the ball rolling from turning an idea to a product, I created the+ArtSource page to build an audience. Havent posted much on it yet because i am finishing my undergraduate and just had a job interview with an IT recruitment agency. Hopefully, I will get the job so i can fund this early stages before pitching it to investors.

I am going to start to do on-air artist hang-outs in the next week. Trying to build buzz while the magic happens. :)


This blog is now transitioning between personal and a blog for artsource. As a result, there is going to a lot of posts all at once documenting process that have already occurred. 

Most current update as up June 11

I have been taking advantage of my trips to Philadelphia to connect with my friend Evan Rose on assessing how to monetize the social network idea and wondering around Philadelphia to network into Philly's artist scene.

We walked into two different studios and one local gallery with the results of learning about the artist and their process in making murals. It was fascinating to hear about how artists build their skills and how an art gallery owner finds new artists for his gallery to display and show to investors. I got the info of one interested mural artist ad their an artist at their studio the person who is organizing the Roots Mural Project.

Its a shot in the dark but I was thinking of calling him in regards to affective online strategies specifically during  the artist casting process and keeping investors and artists up-to date with project. It was interesting to find the artist in the studio didn't know anything about the project.

I learned something very important for the art gallery owner. The process of how he selects artists that meet the caliber of quality of artwork his gallery and investors. He finds artists through going to big art shows, and sorting through the emails of the pictures of artists work and the artwork artists mail to the gallery.  The artists he find have usually been working to perfect their craft for two or three years at minimum. Also that investors are investing in fine art  based of the name of the artist not whether or not it is the best example of the quality of work the artists produces.

Talking to him made me realize who a new audience could be for this site: art galleries because they connect with investors. This site will make it easier for the galleries to find artists they would like to display based off their style and preferred mediums.

Before I start getting ahead of myself in how to monetize the site, It is important to start to connect with the target audience with is artists while coding the site.  I am going to reach out to the artist I got the contact info from and my friends that are artists.