Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunscreen Shock

So I have learned the hard way to put on sunscreen more carefully. I can't wear a bra cause I have sunburn sporadically in the most awkward spots. Like one half and in between my chest.

my grandpa thought his mother died at childbirth when in fact the woman rising him actually knew she was alive.My great grandmother had severe post pardum depression and was institutionalized. My grandpa was raised by one of the triples. Helen I believe. And she had actually visited him a few times in past 50 years before her death.

The reason this came was because his mother apparently had a brother. He has called my grandpa to find out about his sister because he was going a family tree. Well my grandfather only knows her maiden name because he was looking through his fathers belongings. He discovered at 8years old that he had a brother walking through the graveyard reading the family tombstones.

The reason he knows so little is because apparently it was hard for my grandfather's father. And they didn't want my grandfather to know. They thought it was better if he didn't know.

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