Friday, April 8, 2011

Senior Project Celebration

The reason that haven't posted recently is because there have been a variety of things going on in my life and in my head.

I do have some major news to report. All of the progress I have made over spring break has attracted a whirlwind of successful process. Its inspiring to reek the benefits after numerous bloody internal battles to fight writer's block.  I am still at war with distractions. It has been pulling teeth to concentrate solely on breaking down and thoroughly explaining all the elements that make up my senior project.  I am slowly winning the war by fighting la resistance with small doses of variety.

I managed to produce a hard copy of 10 single-spaced pages to hand to my adviser on the explanation of how my project changed and what the next steps are to bring my idea to life. Just handing him the stapled pages of progress felt amazing. Ever since I took his class, I have had a HUGE professional crush on my adviser which enables my constant need to produce a quality of work that impresses him. He was impressed and supportive as to how my senior project has blossomed into what very well be my career when I graduate. My nerves instantly melted as he listen to my explanation of my new execution plan. My nerves were soon replaced with an overwhelming sensation of  flattery when he compliment my senior project by saying "This is Big." As our meeting came to a close, I was overwhelmed with the satisfaction of successfully accomplishing my personal goal to impress him.

Our meeting lasted over an hour and basically we agreed on a game plan for the remaining 7 weeks left before its due. It was decided that I was going to give my presentation on the lessons I have learned working on my senior project.  Originally I was going to create a Philadelphia branch of a modeling agency based in Nashville. I was able to successfully write grant with a $322.35 reward.  The money I received from the EAM fund was supposed to be used organize a photo shoot. After setting a date, location, creating a style for the shoot, I ran into the obstacle of having talent for the shoot.  Even though the likelihood of successfully organizing  a photo shoot was diminishing, my research created an opportunity for a new window to open. (Insert cliche saying).

While I was doing my research, my parents began to have the difficult conversation of what my plans are going to be after I graduate. The build up of different pressures plus talking to my friends are two of the contributors that sum up my inspiration for the 180 flip.

It's late and even though I have more to say, I need to step away from the computer and close my eyes. Sweet dreams readers.