Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 I have been busy with my senior project and homework. Don't worry I haven't forgot about keeping you updated. As a token of my apology for being gone a few days, below is a first draft of a comedy skit I am currently working on.

The Family followed by the Rabbi and the Hertz are arriving to the cemetery for the burial ceremony on warm sunny day. Just as my grandma steps out of the car, a  strange woman  enters.

Woman: I'm sorry you can't bury the body here.

Grandma: And why is that?

Woman: You didn't fill out the forms properly.

Grandma: How do you know?

Woman: You are here to bury Dr. Hollander right?

Grandma: No really how do you know?

Woman: It was put on the schedule but left incomplete. I need your forms.

Grandma: I don't understand, I called three - four times over the past two days. I don't think you would have had the gravediggers create a spot for the body, if my forms weren't in.

Aunt: Wait, who are you?

Woman: I am the secretary for the overseeing the cemetery grounds.

Grandma: Well, nice to meet you. I still don't understand, why we can't continue?

Secretary: Like a told you before your forms weren't in.

Family member: shit, it's haute outside Lady.

Family member 2: It's not gunna take long to realize how inconvenient you informed us this dilemma.
Aunt: well, I used my connections and I got connected to someone important that wants to speak to you.

Aunt hands cell phone to secretary.

Family Member: who are you on the phone with?

Aunt: Just the governor. We are friends and I informed him  about the situation.

Secretary comes back.

Secretary: sorry about the confusion. I probably just lost one of the forms. Carry on.

I hope you like the random pictures I am going to be adding to give my blog a bit more spunk. Sometimes pictures are louder than words

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