Sunday, April 17, 2011

My grant application has been sent and now I just have to wait. Oh fun!! lol
Now I am focusing on the now instead of the future and living life. And since I am doing that, I am wondering if it is worth it to stay faithful (even though we were never official) with Disney.

On friday, I went to visit my almost brother at Rutgers. It was so much fun!! I love him and his Sammy brothers. What made the weekend better was one of his brothers that I had a crush on when I first met him is now single! I met him 2 years ago and have been to a few events over the years that we both attended.
It would be amazing if a boy actually fought for me. That's all a boy needs to do to impress me. As soon as I like a boy my game goes. It would mean the world to me if the man took control and swept me away so our conversations will be easy.
Last night, a group of boys came up to my friends and I to talk. Even though my friends got distracted with something else they stayed and talked to me. Which was really nice. Made me feel a bit special 

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