Friday, April 8, 2011

Holy Shit Wow Omg

So my senior project has taken another major leap in the right direction. I was on cloud 9 two days ago, now I'm on a level above that!!

My only obligation on Friday is to make it to intro to dance from 12-1pm.  So after class today, I saw a sign that said it was research day at the gym. I had nothing better to occupy my time besides go in and see my friend's booth. Let me just say, Best Decision Ever! There was a lot of engineering and science projects. The first booth that caught my attention was called Law of Reflection. This female chemistry major incorporated the science behind mirrors with dance choreographed. Her project was fascinating especially since her only connect to the performing arts was the dance ensemble. After talking to her, I knew who I was going to talk to next when I saw people with instruments.  The two musicians that I had started a conversation with happened to be the same guys that were in my friends' senior project. I told them about my senior project and they on board to sign up.

I saw one of my friends had a booth, so that was the next place I drifted too. Him and a few other musicians started an improv-ing with words group. After listening to their explanation about the project, turns out the site I am creating would be perfect for them! They have the structure of student-run group figured out but they need help with taking it to the next step. As we were having this conversation, I found out that improv jazz music group is backed by one of the music industry department heads. I told him about my project and now I have another dept head coming to my presentation. I was also able to see my other friend and hear about the projects he is creating. And I got the contact information of the person to reach at the iSchool who will direct me to the person that can help me.

I need to go. I will keep maintaining this trend of posting progress of senior project....

...... Aaaaannnd I am back. Definitely not as funny as the first time I wrote it. I was updating this post and had just completed a detailed (& organized) time line of how I am going launch my senior project. Alright, take two. 

  Phase 1: Students to Students
·       During summer term 
o   Site becomes functional  
·       Objective:
o   Word of mouth marketing
§  Facebook 
§  E-mails
§   School Blogs
§   Contacting Student- run organizations 
§  Asking friends in Greek life to spread the word to their chapters 
*     Phase 2 : Exposure to the Professor 
o    Summer Term + Following week
§  Towards the end of summer term when...
§  Professors begin to tweak their syllabus for...
§  Deadline that must be at least 2 weeks before the first week of fall term
·       Objectives
o   Functional Site
o   Email is sent sent to professors in the art school 
o   In enough time input information before 1st week of classes  

*     Phase 3: From Professors to Students
·       Fall Term
o   1st week of classes 
§  Students are get their syllabus 
o   2-3rd week of classes
§  Feedback e-mail 
·       Professors
o   Last week of term 
§  Feedback e-mail sent 
·       Professors 
·       Students
·       Elements Needed
o   Feedback E-mail for Professors, Students, Talent & Student Run Organizations  
§  Foundation resource for..
·       Interacting with the specific user for...
o   listening to feedback on...
o   Their user experience
o   Reactions on how they see others use it
o   Creating the door frame for questions to be asked
·       An opportunity to create mini social networks within site.
o   Professors connecting with…
§  Other professors at different colleges and universities

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