Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There are gunna be some changes to my posts from now on. I am going to try to incorporate at least one picture with every post. I think that will break up some of my longer entries and give my new readers a new reason why they should read. lol

According to my friends, I am a strong, confident person. This is a total shocker to me. I think of myself as someone that is confused and insecure. Guess I gotta work on my inner self image then.

  I need to overcome my fear of cockroaches. Yesterday there was a massive one in my apt! I spider-ed up the walls when i saw it. And then i almost left my apt without my keys or cellphone when it came towards me. Gosh I hate big bugs.
So I figured out how to sort my feelings about Disney. I am definitely going to wait until he returns. Last night, I read all about his and mine horoscopes. I didn't do any capability tests, just simply read about the traits certain signs.  They were dead on about my sign Taurus. It was a bit mind-blowing how true the descriptions a  Taurus was. When I read his, I realized that I need to back off n give him space cause his sign does not do well to clingy people.  I'm weird don't judge lol.

I think I am doing the right thing by waiting. It proves to myself that I can be faithful to someone while they are away. Plus not focusing on boys give me time to spend time with my friends that are leaving soon and my senior project. Also when I partied at his fraternity, a boy recognized me as being his date. And he said that he could see why Disney likes me. A compliment I found quite flattering and one of the few specific things I remember of that night lol. They serve some STRONG mixed drinks and I had more than 5. Just saying

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