Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You know I have realized as I think about Disney and my friend's relationship dilemma's? The exes do more long term damage then they realize. I have a TERRIBLE track record thus far. And I have only had 4 relationship in the past 8 years. None of them were longer than 3 months at the most. the last boyfriend I was when I was going into my senior year of high school. Ask me sometime about the shit he did to me. You will think it came from a horror or lifetime movie.

My superior taste in men plus some intense family drama has caused me to have major trust issues with men. I think that is why i have been having a hard time dealing with open things were left when Disney went to Disney. He is the first sweet, sexy, handsome man that has liked me. (That I noticed lol) I don't want to loose him. We have great chemistry in public and private. There aren't any expectations because we want to be together. Hopefully he will text me on my birthday, cause then I know he still thinks about me. Plus if he does then I can start planning my trip to visit and see him in his steamy flight suit costume he has to wear. ; ) 

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