Monday, June 11, 2012

Google Plus+ page

I created a google plus page for ArtSource on May 29th as a way to promote the mission of arts source which is to connect artists with each other to expand their art careers.

There are two things that I am extremely passionate about and they are the arts and social media. ArtSource is in the beginning stages of becoming a utopia where artists use social media to grow as an artist and connect with artists around the world and produce amazing collaborations. Users build their professional artist portfolio while having the opportunity to explore new to mediums/styles.

Creating ArtSource is passion of mine because I believe social media is about breaking boundaries and connecting with people, you would have never had the opportunity to before. The arts as a whole are struggling as a whole. So many people want to be artists but don't have ways to break into their industry. ArtSources is a way to keep the artist ambition alive and for the corporate side of arts industry as a whole to embrace change and adapt to new ways to find artists for their companies.

This is my first step to begin to build an audience of artists and showcase different talents and find ways for them to collaborate.

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