Thursday, November 17, 2011


What is love? And how do you know your in love? 

Well after reading countless relationship blogs and just stumblingupon all things love. It is really hard to tell what love is. One thing is for sure. It is all about connection. 

I am no expert. Especially since I pick the wrong kind of guys to fall in love with. They are all good boys (well most of them) the just were never right for me. I think after going through dating hell. I may have found my first boyfriend after 4 years. 

When I am with him the world stops. Its just us and the world. He gave my first orgasm. He finds me beautiful and sexy. I love the way he is a southern gentlemen. And how he has beauty is in his  baby blues and blonde hair. He is my tall glass of lemonade. :)  I just melt when i am with him. 

Is this love? Idk but it sure feels like it. 

So the reason, I am putting up pictures of myself is because i just got a modeling gig in philly!!! Totally sucks i am in nashville. At least my lemonade lives in here. 

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