Monday, July 13, 2009

This weekend

Omg I had a pretty fun weekend. On friday after I got off early from work. I rhode home from work and stopped to buy Bruno tickets. I also did a little bit of grocery shopping. Kodi was with a girl and was going to dinner. Even though he invited me to go along, I was like nah he was with a girl and i didn't want to be a cockblock. So I took my food and went on a lil adventure. I found this spot down by the river behind the river walk. I saw two people making out so I like went by the bench so I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me. Well that didn't last long since they deicided to go on the bench behind me and were making all these noises. I tried not to let them bother me or look that way. I was too entranced with the river and how clear and fast it was goin. It was amazing.

Eventually, I left and they just stayed there. I went into the theater early enough to get the seats where you could put your feet up. Soon the theater was filling up and i was by myself saving a whole row of seats. Evenutally Kodi and his lady friend came and i had to ask the boys behind me to save my seats. I didn't want to leave for too long since i left everything of value in my purse. I felt like a bitch giving them their tickets and sorta rushing to the seats.

It was nice got to talk and meet the girl who was real friendly. The previews started and we were missing some people evenually Noah and his friends came after the movie started. I tired to keep them up-to-date with the stuff they missed. During the movie people left. Like huge groups. Overall the movie was pretty good.

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