Monday, June 29, 2009


So, I am an intern at the Vilar and i just finished my first week. I finally made friends in the Edwards area which is where I am staying at the moment. Last night was alot of fun. I got to do a pyramid with last years American Idol winner, this AMAZING singer Ryan Star and their band. It was fun.
They didn't have a name tag that said Steph, so I wore a name tage that read GINA. When I first met Ryan Star that night he thought my name was Gina. hehehe. It was such a fun night. I got to bar tend and make some money. Learned a whole bunch which was cool. It was my first Rock show I got to work!! Not only did i get a couple of pictures and got to talk to the guys I got two guitar picks!! BALLIN! lol
It was alot of preparation before both stars go on or even do their sound check. I helped prepare food, get orders, and do a bunch. It was so much fun though. Got in a little bit of trouble for not asking the stage manager if I could take a photo. Its unprofessional to be giddy and starstruck. Its important to keep cool. Something I need to work on.

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